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Respondus Lockdown Browser - Troubleshooting Windows and macOS

If you are experiencing issues while using LockDown Browser on your Windows or macOS device, please follow the steps below:

  1. Update Google Chrome
  2. Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome
  3. Check for updates to your operating system:
  4. Restart your device

To help minimize issues while testing, you should be as close to your router or internet access point as possible or connect to the router with an ethernet cable. Respondus also recommends shutting down all other programs running on the computer as well as those that might be running on other devices on your network (Netflix, etc.). It may also help to restart the modem/router.

If your exam is time-sensitive, another option is to use a different device to take your exam.You can also schedule an appointment to take an exam in our webcam testing lab. To take an exam that requires a password, please get in touch with the Learning Enrichment Center.

For additional support, you can use the Live Chat or submit a ticket.

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  • 30-Aug-2021