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Why Should I Use ReadSpeaker?

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Why Should I Use ReadSpeaker?

ReadSpeaker tools are more than just text to speech. They also give the ability to process information in a different way. Examples:

  • If you learn by an oral presentation, then use ReadSpeaker to listen to your lesson/s.
  • If you are studying a difficult subject, then listen to the material while you are reading the material. The two processes of seeing the words (highlight words and sentences with ReadSpeaker) and hearing the words is a form of bimodal presentation. Bimodal presentations have been shown to increase the retention of the materials.
  • If you are taking a test, then you may benefit from hearing the test spoken to you so that you catch all the words and understand the questions better.
  • Learning on the go: download your lesson pages to mp3 files and listen to them while you are offline.

·  The download to mp3 file button has an arrow pointing down to a bracket.  Use the download to mp3 button which is found on the listen bar.

  • Click the player activation tab.
    • This activates ReadSpeaker. You can then position the player where you desire on the page.
      • When fully expanded, the webReader toolbars show all the tool choices.
  • You can change the reading speed, the text highlighting, or download the file. Customize it to your learning methodology!

Easily Distracted While Reading?

  • Select the Page Mask which is available in ReadSpeaker webReader: The page mask button has two horizontal lines on it.
    • When activated, the page mask tool grays out the screen above and below the selected material. It will scroll with you as you move down the page. You can customize the width of the window.
  • Low vision or easily distracted?
    • The simple view button has an arrow inside a box . The arrow is pointing to the upper right corner inside the box. Use the Simple View tool in ReadSpeaker webReader to remove the images.

    • If you have adjusted font size, font face, and/or background color, then you will see these changes in the Simple View mode.
    • The enlarge text button has an arrow pointing to the right.  Above the arrow are a small and a large capital A. Use the Enlarge Text tool which magnifies the text and shows it at the bottom of the page. The eye is naturally drawn to it.

There are many other ways to use the ReadSpeaker Suite of Learning Tools to aid you in your learning. Give it a try today!

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