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ReadSpeaker Tool Highlights

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ReadSpeaker webReader toolbar expanded and explained.

Highlights of webReader

  • Fast forward through your streaming document with the Seek tool.
  • Adjust the volume and the settings to your preferences. This will need to be done on each device.
  • Download the audio for offline listening.
  • The Read on Hover tool allows you to move your cursor down the page highlighting paragraphs to be read.
  • The Enlarge Text tool shows the magnified text at the bottom of the page for those with lower vision or who are distracted readers.
  • For the distracted reader, the Simple View tool (removes decorative images), or the Page Mask tool will be good options.
  • Don’t know a word? Translate it to a different language with the Translation tool or look it up in the dictionary option called Word Lookup.
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  • 05-Dec-2019