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How to Assign Weight to Assignments Groups

How to Assign Weight to Assignment Groups

Canvas allows you to calculate current and final grades by using assignment groups. You can distribute weight values between different groups. You must have a total of 100 between all groups.  This is also the first step to have your gradebook ready.

  1. First, click “assignments” on your course navigation:

  2. You should see something similar to this (only one group with no weight value):

  3. Next, click “+Group” to create any groups as needed:

  4. Assign a group name and click “save”

  5. To continue adding groups simply repeat step 3

  6. Once your groups are set, you should see something like this:

  7. Now, you can assign a weight value to each group

  8. Click on the “gear” icon next to the +assignment button and select  “assignment group  weight”

  9. You should get the following screen

  10. Check “Weight final grade based on assignment groups”
  11. You will get a list of all your groups:

  12. Assign each group a weight value and click save to exit

  13. Finally, you will see all groups with its corresponding values


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