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Online Course: You've got Questions, We've got Answers

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Will the webcam on my laptop work for my online class?

A. Yes, the webcam that comes preinstalled in your laptop will work.

Q.How do I register for online courses?

A. Registration for Distance Education courses at Laredo College is conducted in the same manner as for traditional face-to-face courses.  Students are encouraged to register for Distance Learning courses by logging in to the PASPort student portal or by visiting the Student Success Center.

Q. If I don’t have a computer at home can I still take an online course?

A. It is preferred that you have one, but no as long as you have access to a computer and internet you can take an online class 

Q. Will I have to be online at a particular time?

A. No, there is no specific time you have to be online just make sure to log in once a day 

Q. What courses can I take online?

A. The availability of online courses are determined by Laredo College and may vary from semester to semester, Please refer to the LC Course Catalog to determine what course are available  

Q. How do I access into my online courses? 

1. Go to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2. Type your username and password (first-time log in password will be your date of birth 

3. Navigate to the "Student" tab

4. Click on the Canvas eLearning icon

Q.  Are online courses self-paced?

A. No. The online courses offered are not self-paced since they still follow the academic calendar set by LC.

Q.What do I do if I can’t access into my courses?
A. Follow this link  to create a helpdesk ticket, please include your Palomino ID, Pasport Username and description of the problem.

Q.  I’m having trouble keeping up with my online class.  What resources are available? 

A) LC is committed to providing academic assistance to all students enrolled in LC courses through the Learning Enrichment Centers (LEC) located in the Yeary Library and the South Campus. The LEC offers peer and online tutoring such as Smarthinking, an online tutoring service that allows students to connect with educators from any computer to receive live tutoring help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, LC faculty and professional staff members provide tutoring help during their online office hours using the Canvas discussion/chat tool or via the phone. A username and password is needed to log in to Smarthinking, and students can use the following credentials:

Username: P12345678 – Use your LC-PID Number

Password : P12345678 - Student ID Number

Q. How does an online course work? 

A). Online courses at Laredo College cover the same subject matter and award the same credit as face to face courses. The difference with online courses is that everything is done through the learning management system, Canvas, and a computer with internet connection. Two advantages of online courses are flexibility and no specific class meetings. You can access online courses at anytime from any computer that has internet connection. In Canvas you will be able to work on weekly assignments, access course materials, submit assignments, communicate with your instructor and classmates via e-mail, participate in course discussions, take exams, view your grades, and engage in other learning activities. It is recommended that you log in to your course consistently each week to check for updates, specific deadlines, participate in online discussions, and work on assignments. You can work at your own pace, however most online classes will have specific deadlines for all graded activities (quizzes, discussions, assignments, etc.)  Due dates for course requirements will be listed in the syllabus or course calendar

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