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Participating in Online Courses

Participating in your online courses regularly is vital to excelling in your courses. Instructors for online courses value attendance and participation by all students the same way instructors for face-to-face courses do. It is important for all students registered for a course to log in to Canvas and access the course within the add/drop period for the semester, but especially on the first class day. Failure to do so may result in you being dropped from the course.

Students are expected to log in to Canvas regularly to participate in class discussions, access course material, submit assignments, and take exams and quizzes. Instructors typically provide students with deadlines for completing coursework throughout the semester. As such, it is not possible for an online student to complete and submit coursework near the end of the semester. It is advised that students check log in to Canvas several times a week to stay informed on all current deadlines and course announcements.